Like much of the rest of the world, Michiganders have been under a governor-mandated stay-at-home quarantine. In Ingham County, the first two pre-emptive-positive cases of COVID-19 arrived March 10. Individuals were permitted to leave their residences for life-saving and life-protecting purposes, and critical infrastructure workers were permitted to work.

As a public-transit professional whose reporting employees are answering calls from members of the public wishing to book trips for dialysis or chemotherapy appointments, as well as trips to grocery stores and work, I too am reporting to work as a mission-critical employee.

Weekends allow for time with my family – and opportunities to dabble in clay, but it’s all I can do to get out of bed, I am so exhausted. Dane dotes on me, preparing a lovely cup of hot tea each morning. just the way I like it, and breakfast in bed. So for now the clay awaits a time and day when I my mind is clear and settled, and I am better able to take advantage of its rejuvenating qualities. For now, my heart aches and my mind is shocked by this most devastating and perplexing virus; its horrifying trail of destruction.


Published by Lolo Robison

Crackin’ Crow Pottery is a Greater Lansing clay studio owned and operated by ceramic artist Lolo Robison. What’s a crackin’ crow? Simply put, it is an alliterative translation of “good crow.”

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