Cold outside? Find me in ‘The Nest’

A winter snowstorm blanketed our region in several inches of snow. Photo edited by ©

Happy New Year, everyone!

Here in Southeast Michigan, it’s a winter wonderland. We got walloped yesterday by a storm system that brought an abundance of snow and rain, followed by more snow. Around 6:15 p.m., I headed out to Frandor to pick up a custom-framing job, and found my car and our little corner of the world glazed in a thick sheet of ice. I made it home before the rain made the roads dangerously icy. After making dinner and taking care of the dishes, Dane and I watched a few episodes of Star Wars Rebels. I awoke this morning to a beautiful blanket of pristine, undisturbed fluffy stuff all over everything.

When I’m not doing transit work, I routinely wake up in the early morning hours while the rest of the household sleeps. I love this time to myself. I tuck Dane in, give him a kiss and steal away to the kitchen. There, I brew myself a spot of tea – the English way, with a splash of whole milk and sugar. I prepare a little plate for breakfast – buttered toast and homemade jam, scrambled eggs, or an apple, pear, orange or grapes. As a side note to those who are serious tea lovers, I recommend Creamy Earl Grey from Light of Day Organics in Traverse City, Mich. ( Be warned though: At $44 per 3.75-oz tin, it’s a luxury. Still, it’s the very best Earl Grey you’ll ever taste.

Full cup of tea in hand, I burrow in “The Nest” – home base for Crackin’ Crow Pottery, aka, my studio.

This past week, Daner installed little hooks in the floor joists and strung lights and ornaments overhead. I absolutely love what he’s done with the place. Sure, it’s still an unfinished basement, but it is perfect for my clay space, and these are a cheery and welcome addition. Stream my favorite music or podcast from my laptop, and I’m in business. Today I listened to NPR’s Short Wave about none other than the intelligence of crows – so relevant, wouldn’t you agree?

The Nest, my refuge.

Jenny, my LA Daughter, has been longing to return to her life in LA as a pyrotechnic professional. Like many others, hers was disrupted by COVID. She’s grateful to have been on assignment for a Justin Bieber concert since shortly after Christmas. When she’s here at home, she frequently seeks solace in The Nest. You’ll find her there, quietly sipping tea, watching movies online or reading.

I recall years ago a noise that came from the basement. Startled by it, I went to investigate, only to discover that she was the source of the noise. I was surprised, because I thought she’d gone to school. She admitted, when she didn’t feel like dealing with the pressures and stressors of high school, she’d hook out and hide in the basement. Only after Dane and I left for work did she emerge to enjoy the run of the house. Little did she know, I’d taken the day off. She’s 31 now, and I smile to see that she still retreats to the same basement to get away from it all. She returns from her Bieber concert Wednesday. I know she’ll be pleased by the lighting update, which makes The Nest significantly more inviting and cozy. By the way, Bieber’s crew was so impressed by her stage work that they invited her to be part of his year-long international tour in May 2021.

I’ve been tinkering around in The Nest, organizing, throwing, wedging, trimming and cleaning. Here’s what I’ve been working on.

Big Ass Plate – Attempt No. 2. Fingers and toes are crossed.
One of two commissioned Warrior Goddesses in the making.

“If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows.” – Henry Ward Beecher


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Crackin’ Crow Pottery is a Greater Lansing clay studio owned and operated by ceramic artist Lolo Robison. What’s a crackin’ crow? Simply put, it is an alliterative translation of “good crow.”

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