Tea for boo

Jenny asked for a teapot – another artifact that I don’t often make, mostly because I don’t have the space in by cupboards or on my countertop for teapots and their appendages. Therefore, my teapot-making skills leave much to be desired.

I’ll keep at it, though, because practice really does make perfect. Additionally, I actually learn something about my work every time I make a pot – even those that I think are very well-thrown or made. Adjustments here and there lead to improvements.

Such is my journey.

Teapot and teacup.
My pot bottoms are pretty decent. And the lid isn’t half bad, except that it doesn’t match the overall design of this pot.
My ugly duckling pot.
Teacup and ugly teapot.
The spout’s stocky, the lid’s knob is too tall, and the handle is an abomination. And maybe I should have expanded the belly of the teapot out a bit more. Plus, Jenny wants a multi-cup teapot vs. a single-cup pot. Back to the drawing board.
At least I have an awesome mark.

“There is a bird who by his coat, And by the hoarseness of his note, Might be supposed a crow.” – William Cowper


Published by Lolo Robison

Crackin’ Crow Pottery is a Greater Lansing clay studio owned and operated by ceramic artist Lolo Robison. What’s a crackin’ crow? Simply put, it is an alliterative translation of “good crow.”

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