Tea for boo 2

Mommy called this past Monday morning. She had seen a photo of the ugly duckling teapot I made the weekend before and wanted to offer constructive feedback – none of which surprised me.

“Try again,” she encouraged me. “You can do it.”

I decided to go with a more circular body form this time. My inspiration? This teapot from toirokitchen.com.

My teapot inspiration, from toirokitchen.com.

You can see below that my teapot lid more seamlessly follows the pot’s body line, including a much smaller, lower-profile knob than the ugly teapot I threw last weekend. The handle is attached at an angle, which I was shooting for, but the handle may be too wide and chunky. Fortunately, it is comfortable in hand. Still, it seems disproportionate to the pot itself. You can see that my spout protrudes too far from the body, making what should be elegant a little too clunky. I should also point out that, in my haste to get out the door in time to take my daughter (this teapot’s commissioner) to the airport, I failed to smooth out the clay where I attached the spout. No worries. Like so much of my work – this is a concept pot. It’ll help me understand the adjustments I want to apply here and there, and make it my own.

My teapot–Teapot No. 2.

In other news, one of my clients from Hawaii – an artist – tagged me in a recent Facebook post about the Big Ass Ramen Bowls I made for him. I sent them just before Christmas, and after about one month, he finally received them, along with some teacups. He immediately whipped up a bowl of soba, which looks delicious.

Carl also made a bowl of buckwheat noodles with seared pork.

“Crow calls to awaken you to your true soul purpose … to remind you to follow your heart.” – Soul Wolf Journey


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Crackin’ Crow Pottery is a Greater Lansing clay studio owned and operated by ceramic artist Lolo Robison. What’s a crackin’ crow? Simply put, it is an alliterative translation of “good crow.”

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