It’s all about process

Most of you know, I’m a transit marketer and PR chief by day. By night and on weekends, I spend hours in my studio, cleaning and organizing; measuring, wedging and throwing clay; hand-building pots or warrior goddesses; slowly and evenly drying my work; trimming, smoothing and applying textures; recycling clay; and constantly learning about myContinue reading “It’s all about process”

Wobbly wheel – Part cinq: Final resolution? Not.

Thirteen weeks after placing an order for a portable Shimpo Aspire, I finally – finally – received the replacement wheel head for the wobbly wheel I’ve periodically posted about. I willed myself to wait, patiently and calmly, for resolution. When I opened the box, I eyeballed the replacement plate. It’s surprisingly lightweight – constructed from aluminum.Continue reading “Wobbly wheel – Part cinq: Final resolution? Not.”

Cold outside? Find me in ‘The Nest’

Happy New Year, everyone! Here in Southeast Michigan, it’s a winter wonderland. We got walloped yesterday by a storm system that brought an abundance of snow and rain, followed by more snow. Around 6:15 p.m., I headed out to Frandor to pick up a custom-framing job, and found my car and our little corner ofContinue reading “Cold outside? Find me in ‘The Nest’”

Wobbly wheel – Part quatre: Still waiting for resolution

Quick update: I ordered my Shimpo Aspire Oct. 16, and have traded emails with a couple of employees at Clay-King and Vijay at Shimpo. Vijay promised to send me a replacement wheel head and belt. I have yet to receive my new, balanced wheel head. I reached out to Vijay at Shimpo again on Nov.Continue reading “Wobbly wheel – Part quatre: Still waiting for resolution”

Wobbly wheel – Part trois: Dialoging

I recently posted that the wheel I purchased from Clay-King wobbled. I emailed Clay-King on Oct. 23 about my observation, attaching video proof of the wheel wobble. Three days later, I received a response from Shane at Clay-King: “We are sorry to hear about this! We have contacted Shimpo about your wheel, and we wouldContinue reading “Wobbly wheel – Part trois: Dialoging”